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Fire Resistant has been recognized for over 20 years as an innovative and versatile developer and partner for flame and heat resistant products. As trade, industries and governments demand adhering to stricter regulations regarding fire protection, Fire Resistant continues its innovation of new products and solutions to meet the latest regulatory requirements.

Regardless as to type (reed or grass based thatched roofs, wood, decorations, fabrics or textiles) Fire Resistant offers a broad range of solutions for the fire protection industry that are highly effective, non-toxic and environment-friendly.

Fire Resistant delivers flame slowing impregnation fluid for usage on different products or materials. After years of experience, we created and continue to develop products which are the best in its class. Meanwhile, thanks to new techniques we are able to offer our products at a sharp rate. In the list below you will find a short overview of our products and their properties.

Burnstop becomes Flame Fix®

Due to international growth of our product line we found the need to change our band name Burnstop into Flame Fix®.

Flame Fix® KST3
Flame Fix® TG3
Flame Fix® TR1

Fire Resistant is producer of Flame Fix® and delivers in The Netherlands ONLY to her dealers. Take a look at the overview of our official dealers to pick your preferred supplier.

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