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About us

Leading Fire Resistant

After 15 years of experience in flame reducing products in 2005 is decided to start up Fire Resistant. With knowledge of business we started and fine-tuned our products to be the best in there sort. Quite fast Fire Resistant grow with its product Flame Fix® (before Burnstop) to be a well-known trademark, with a large client file. A large group of satisfied clients worked with our product, a thing we take serious in our profession.

Because of specializing in our Flame Fix® flame reducing products and because of the new techniques for production we can deliver our Flame Fix® products with a sharp rate.

Why Flame Fix®?

Flame Fix® is developed for impregnation of materials to make them less easy to catch fire. Of course the treated materials will not be unable to catch fire, but tests show that this process will be slowed so much, that it can save a lot of suffering and / or damage.

What should I think of?

Mostly our Flame Fix® products are being used in hotels, restaurants, cafes or other public places. You can think of fire reducing impregnation of curtains and carpet of an hotel room, up till fabric plants and textile of cafes or restaurants. Also we can deliver paint with a flame reducing effect. Not only hotels and restaurants make use of our products. Many community or companies with a high risk of catching fire let a part of their building or company be treated with our Flame Fix® products. Never the less a private person or association will have to flame slow impregnate some of their belongings. The Fire department sometimes demands this for a license of usage. You can think of the cozy Christmas tree at the canteen from a football club. All these materials are being treated by our specialists.

From impregnation of your reed roof to the Christmas tree with Christmas, with Fire Resistant you are at a safe address.

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