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Flame Fix® IMW 475

Product description

Rietendak2Flame Fix® IMW 475 is a safe, colorless and use friendly product for flame reducing impregnating untreated wood, reed, straw en softboard ceiling panels. After impregnating with Flame Fix® IMW 475 most kinds of wood will comply to the new European norm (NEN) 6065 class 2.

Flame Fix® IMW 475 impregnated wood, that is used in an outside environment, will have to be treated with a weather proof coating or paint. This is to protect the fire resistant properties against weather influences.

Treatment prospection

Flame Fix® IMW 475 can be applied with a spray device with a pressure between 3 and 5 bars. A flower spray with a pump system or tricker mechanism will do fine. The product needs to be sprayed finely over the material with an average distance of about 20 centimeters from the object. After proper treatment the material should be moist. We recommend that after the treatment, the material should dry in a hanging position.

Before application the material should be clean and dry. The material cannot be painted or coated in advance. Flame Fix® IMW 475 has to have the chance to be absorbed by the material.

For proper treatment 1 ltr Flame Fix® IMW 475 should be enough for 5 till 8 m2 wood, dry grass or soft board (nevertheless this depends on the thickness of the material). Our advice is to take a small piece of the material as a sample, to get an idea of the desired result. After the fire resistant treatment, it is possible to paint ore coat the material.

Flame Fix® IMW 475 is a ready-to-use product and can’t be thinned. Also this product is soluble in water. This means that whenever the treated product comes in contact with water the material needs to be treated again.


We deliver Flame Fix® IMW 475 in cans from 10 ltr or 20 ltr and in drums from 60 ltr or 200 ltr.


For big projects we’ll gladly make a properly offer for the treatment on location by one of our dealers. When the treatment is done by one of our dealers you will get a signed Certificate of Treatment for examine to Fire department, Community ore Insurance companies.

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